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FormSet Dimensional & Modular Panel Rentals

FormSet features a collection of innovative three-dimensional panels enabling the design and creation of one-of-a-kind scenic backdrops, A/V screen surrounds as well as freestanding room décor elements and entryways. The FormSet collection includes nine (9) unique patterns and three (3) add-on options easily mixed or matched to create the ideal setting for corporate events, exhibitions, tradeshow booths, VIP events, and social gatherings. Theatrical lighting and video mapping enhance the dimensionality of the design providing depth, movement, and enhanced visual interest. The modularity of the panel design enables a quick install and the ability to address a variety of venue requirements.

Product features as follows:

  • 24″X24″ panels
  • 9 unique patterns, 3 add-ons
  • 3D sculpted plastic
  • Velcroes onto aluminum frame
  • Freestanding up to 16’H
  • Hangs from truss 
  • Branding with vinyl or printed fabric
  • Assembles in minutes

Create, Preview and Share Your Design

SetVisualizer is an interactive web-based 3D design tool developed to help Quest Events’ customers plan, create and view staging and A/V backdrops featuring our scenic rental solutions product line. It’s easy to use!

Here’s a link for you to get started creating your own design.

Mix, Match & Illuminate

Look & Share

The images featured are a reflection of our work on behalf of our clients across the US and are meant to be used as an inspiration for your next event. The majority of the rental solutions pictured are available at all 27 of our locations across North America–with some of the décor or specialty rentals available within regional markets only. Please check with the location nearest you for a complete rental solutions inventory listing.