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South Texas – Open For Business

Dallas, TX (September, 2012) – Historically Texas has been known for its entrepreneurial spirit and those that were willing to brave the unknown and simply take a chance – with the hope of a better future. That characteristic, which positioned Texas to be one of the most prosperous states in the nation, is exactly what remains ingrained in the management team of Quest Drape. As of September 1, 2012, Quest Drape opened the South Texas office. Quest now operates ten offices coast-to-coast and fully anticipates continued prosperity and expansion in the coming years.

The Quest Drape –South Texas location at 12718 O’ Connor Road – San Antonio ( will continue to expand the footprint of Quest Drape on a national scale and better equips the delivery of pipe and drape throughout the southern areas of Texas and surrounding states. With each new location, Quest Drape anticipates the opportunity to better serve our current customers while extending the Quest brand – The Best Drape. The Best Service.