Style Tyles™ by TOTALLY MOD | Scenic Rentals

Our TOTALLY MOD product line includes the innovative Style Tyles product line, enabling event designers the ability to create unique stage and scenic backdrops, A/V screen surrounds, event entryways, tables, bars, and freestanding walls, towers or columns. The product easily hangs from a drape or truss line and as freestanding wall and tower designs up to approximately 14’H. Style Tyles patent-pending magnetic assembly enables the product to be installed quickly and easily–no special tools needed–saving time and money....

Style Tyles rental solutions include 21 different dimensional and textured patterns–easily mixed, matched and illuminated to bring corporate events, special events, general session stage backdrops, VIP lounge experiences, brand launches, press conferences, social gatherings, weddings and so much more to life. For events requiring a quiet or non-disclosure room, Style Tyles also offers Quiet Tyles–ideal for private product demonstrations, press briefings, media interviews or proprietary product introductions.

The 21 unique pattern options feature geometric cut-outs (2D), three-dimensional elements along with rich textures including faux wood, green hedge, and leather. Production teams and event designers now have countless design possibilities, especially when lighting is added as a front wash or backlit treatment or from within freestanding products. Illuminate Style Tyles backdrops, stage designs, entryways, walls, towers or columns, tables or bars in an array of colors to create just the right ambiance for any event.

For inspiration, take a look at our clients’ work featured in the Style Tyles gallery. 

  • Tiles measure 22″ x 22″ 
  • 21 unique patterns 
  • Tile add-ons: frosted panels and Quiet Tiles
  • Design options: 2D (cut-out), 3D, textures, customized
  • Hangs off truss or drape line
  • No tools needed for installation
  • Freestanding rooms, columns, towers, entryways, tables or bars
  • Freestanding heights up to 14′
  • Solid tiles easily branded with logos, graphic design (vinyl or print)