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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Quest Events offer customization for the scenic products or furniture rentals?

Yes, with our extensive scenic inventory and branded furniture rental options, you can achieve an exclusive customized look and feel with your rental selections within the following product lines: GeoSeries, FormSet, Lecterns, Branded Furniture and Stretch Fabrics.

Does Quest Events carry lighting or any other AV equipment?

We do not, however you can contact your local sales manager for recommendations.

Does Quest Events offer rendering services for the scenic products?

Quest Events provides three innovative tools to support our clients’ visualization needs:

  1. Quest 3D Design Portal: The first tool in our arsenal is the Quest 3D Design Portal. This interactive web-based 3D design application has been developed specifically to assist Quest Events’ customers in planning, creating, and visualizing staging and A/V backdrops, featuring our scenic rental solutions product lines. It’s user-friendly and intuitive, with a mouse-based click-and-point interface. Our extensive library of assets includes FormSet, Style Tyle, furniture, bars, tables, and more. To start creating your own design, simply follow this link: [Quest 3D Design Portal](insert link here).
  2. Premium Libraries in VectorWorks: Our second tool is the Premium Libraries integrated with VectorWorks, a leading professional design platform known for setting industry standards in 2D and 3D design visualization. Our ready-to-use 3D blocks are readily available, allowing you to begin crafting your designs immediately. Explore more at
  3. Online 3D Block Library: Our third resource is the online 3D block library, where we’ve curated an ever-expanding collection of our scenic products in various formats, including AutoCAD, Vectorworks, and 3D Studio. Whether you want to start from scratch or leverage our library of core 3D blocks or prebuilt models of FormSet, Style Tyle, furniture, bars, tables, and more, this archive is at your disposal. For access, designers and creatives can contact Pablo Schor at, while Sales/Account Executives and Producers should reach out to Whitney Taylor at

Does Quest allow clients to keep branded items?

Our clients are able to keep all printed materials except for adhesive clings, as these are removed from our products after the event concludes.

What lead time is needed for a customized or branded order?

We need 4-weeks lead time in most cases. Large and complex orders, including those that require Graphic Design Services, will require additional time.

Rental & Pricing

What information is needed to receive a quote from Quest Events?

As always, the more information we have about your event, the venue and your rental needs, the better.

Here is the baseline we need to provide you with an initial quote.

  • Contact name, email & phone number
  • Venue name/address
  • Company and/or Show name (if applicable)
  • Type of event
  • Install day & time
  • Strike day & time
  • Labor services needed
  • Pickup/drop off
  • Drape and dimensions or scenic requested

How do I set up payment terms with Quest Events?

Quest Events offers a variety of payment methods. If you are seeking payment terms, you will need to complete and submit a Credit Terms Application for review and approval. Once approved, you will be notified.

Quest Events also accepts payments by credit card, check, ACH or wire transfers.

Pipe & Drape

What is pipe and drape?

At its core, pipe and drape consists of steel bases, aluminum pipes (both vertical/telescoping uprights and horizontal drape support rods / crossbars), and fabric drapes.

By industry standard, pipe and drape begins with 6 lb. to 62 lb. bases, as dictated by the height and weight of the drape. As required, base weights are added for safety and stability per industry specifications.

Do you have the same inventory of drape in all locations?

We carry an extensive inventory of drape across all 16 Quest Events locations. The local market can utilize the overall inventory of the company to meet your event needs.

Our standard drape inventory includes: Velour, PolyteQ and Sheers
Our special drape inventory includes: Satins, Sheers, Velour & Banjo, Patterns, and Textures

What drape colors do you offer?

Our North American coverage includes the following drape colors and fabric types as a standard:

Velour: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Brown, White, and Gray
PolyteQ: Black, White, Ivory, Brown, Red, Blue, Gold, Khaki, Purple, Pink, and Silver
Sheer: White and Ivory

We also carry a variety of specialty drape colors, patterns and textiles ideally suited for high-end, upscale corporate events, weddings or social gatherings.

For more information, view:
Pipe & Drape Rental Solutions
Specialty Drape Rental Solutions

What fabric types do you offer?

Our North American coverage includes a variety of fabric types, patterns and textures inclusive of: Velour, PolyteQ, Sheer, Satin, Banjo, Sequins, Damask, Clipjoint and Burlap.

For more information, view:
Pipe & Drape Rental Solutions
Specialty Drape Rental Solutions

What fabric finishes do you offer?

Fabric finish refers to the top and bottom of the drape. Our drapes are typically finished with a 4″ to 6″ pipe pockets that allows for the sleeving of the drape directly onto the hardware. Drapes in excess of 25’ in height also include grommets and ties allowing the drape to be tied directly to a pipe, such as truss or existing theatre pipe.

What are the drape height(s) offered?

As North America’s largest drape rental company, we inventory a wide variety of drape heights to meet our customers’ needs. Full panel sizes are available in heights from 8’ to 40’ tall. Headers or valance panels are available in these heights: 1’, 2’, and 3’. Custom heights are also available for an additional fee.

How wide are your drape panels?

Our standard event drape panels most frequently rented are PolyTeQ and Velour. Our standard panel widths are designed to be set in 10’ increments. Our specialy drape fabrics come in a variety of widths based on fabric type, pattern and texture. Widths are listed on the drape products featured in the Drape Rental Section of the website.

How is your drape priced? Per linear foot? Fabric type? Height?

The rental price for drape varies depending on a variety of factors including: choice of drape material–fabric type, height of drape panel, linear feet required, and whether labor and hardware are needed.

How tall can your drape be ground supported?

Typically, up to 16’ of drape can be ground supported from a temporary structure (pipe and bases). If it’s taller than 16’ it typically hangs from a structural piece of the building or has reinforced foundational support, from the ground up. With industry-standard structural support, we can install drape up to 22’ high.

What is the cost of a installing a draped ceiling treatment?

Each venue (ballroom, barn, tent, country club, arena, office space, etc.) is unique, so, there are no set prices. To provide the optimum design for the venue, budget and experience desired, we offer complimentary reviews and estimates based on a careful review of the venue selected. Estimates for ceiling treatments vary based on many factors including: available rigging points, whether there is a need for a scissor lift, design and size of the desired ceiling treatment, fabric selection, lighting integration, etc.

Is there a minimum charge for delivery on drape rentals?

We do charge a minimum fee for deliveries, but the amount can differ depending on where you are. To find out the exact cost for your area, please get in touch with your local office. If you have any questions about your budget, feel free to contact a sales representative.

Do you provide labor services to set up the pipe and drape?

We can provide labor services for the installation and dismantling of the rented pipe and drape, except in cases where union regulations or house rules may prohibit us from doing so. Our team is extensively trained to perform these tasks efficiently, effectively, and safely. If labor services are not required, we also offer drop-off and pickup options.

What is FR and IFR?

FR (Flame Retardant) refers to fabric that has been topically treated with a flame retardant solution. FR-treated fabric needs to be re-treated over time or during cleanings to remain flame retardant.

IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant) refers to fabric that is woven with flame resistant yarn or treated during the finishing process, thereby guaranteeing its safety for the life of the drape.

Both FR and IFR meet the industry standards set forth by the NFPA 701 Small Scale. Certificates are available upon request for all our rental drape.

Specialty Fabric Backdrops

Do you offer LED curtains?

Yes. Quest Events’ LED Star Drops provide a gorgeous, dynamic constellation and star field backdrop for events–twinkling in white to bring your creative vision to life. Our LED Star Drops create the perfect starry night or animated backdrop for live entertainment, corporate meetings, VIP dinners, social gatherings, educational facilities, and private parties. These LEDs show well, even in high ambient light conditions.
Panels measure 13’H x 25’W.

Do you offer Kabuki Drops or reveals?

Yes. Quest Events designs, manufactures and rents Kabuki Drops–providing a dramatic special effect for corporate and private events. The Kabuki Drop is a technique typically used in theatre or special events, where drape is quickly released from the top of a truss or pipe structure, to reveal the stage, new product, works of art or performers. The reveal is ideal for for sporting events, auto shows, concerts and corporate events.

Do you create step & repeat fabric backdrops?

We can create customized printed backdrops for your client inclusive of step & repeat backdrops. We have partnerships with expert printers who understand the events industry and produce the highest quality backdrops designed to install, hang or be ground supported with our FormSet aluminum frame system.

Scenic Backdrops


What is FormSet?

FormSet features a series of modular, dimensional panels–artfully developed for patterns to be used singularly (repeated) or in combination with other patterns. Our collection of innovative 3D panels creates one-of-a-kind set backdrops, screen surrounds and décor elements ideally suited for an array of corporate, VIP or social gathering events.

FormSet can be ground supported or hung from truss. The modularity of this product enables the design and creation of unique ground supported structures such as archways, columns, entrances and more.

How is it installed as a backdrop?

The lightweight nature of FormSet enables the tiles to quickly and securely connect to our aluminum frames with Velcro already applied to the product. Installations can either be ground supported up to 18’h or flown from truss for larger set designs or stage backdrops.

Can this product be purchased or is it rental only?

FormSet is a rental only product.

Do you have a team who installs this product or is this something my team will do?

The answer to both is yes! It’s your choice. Our teams across the nation and in Toronto are trained to install all of our scenic product in the most efficient, effective and safe manner to create the backdrop as designed and approved by your team and ours. We also provide the product, hardware and instructions for your team to manage setup and dismantle as well.

GeoSeries: GeoPanels, GeoWalls & GeoTowers

What is a GeoPanel? Are these freestanding?

Quest Events’ GeoPanels measure 36”X36”, install quickly, hanging off the truss or drape line–easily connecting to create a dramatic stage backdrop or A/V surround. Our GeoPanel tiles are designed to connect easily and are fabricated from expanded PVC, featuring seven unique geometric patterns. No heavy tools required for hanging or connecting tiles.

How are GeoPanels installed as a backdrop?

GeoPanels are designed to install quickly and easily. These lightweight tiles connect with our included hardware and can be hung from either the drape line or truss. Uplighting and customized logos are a great way to enhance these panels.

What is a GeoWall? Are these freestanding?

Quest Events’ freestanding GeoWall is designed to look great from all sides–impactful as a standalone used for: room dividers, bar backdrops, baffles and more. Add lights to the GeoWall base, bringing the GeoWall structure to life. GeoWall tiles measure 2’X2’, are ground supported with included hardware and feature five unique geometric patterns. No tools required.

What is a GeoTower? Are these freestanding?

Bring your scenic design off the stage backwall and closer to your audience with the addition of our freestanding, four-sided, GeoTower units. These dynamic freestanding towers add depth and dimension to the stage or room design and can easily be illuminated from within to create maximum visual impact. GeoTower tiles measure 2’X2’, are ground supported with included hardware, made from expanded PVC, and feature five unique geometric patterns–coordinating with GeoPanels. No tools required.

Solid panels provide creative options inclusive of: step and repeat logos, photography, illustrations, thematic designs or the panels can be used to feature directional signage or conference schedules.

What are the height maximums for GeoTowers & GeoWalls?

Our freestanding GeoWalls have a maximum height of 9’
Our freestanding GeoTowers have a maximum height of 14’, inclusive of a base.

Do you have a team who installs this product or is this something my team will do?

The answer to both is yes! It’s your choice. Our teams across the nation and in Toronto are trained to install all of our scenic product in the most efficient, effective and safe manner to create the backdrop as designed and approved by your team and ours. Because the product is so easy to install, we also provide the product, hardware and instructions for your team to manage as well.

Does Quest Events offer customized GeoPanels, GeoWalls or GeoTowers?

We currently do not offer custom pattern/geometric designs for this scenic product, however we do offer customized printed logo options on the solid panels.


What is Moddim?

Moddim is a lightweight, eco-friendly, three-dimensional panel that fastens together to create a truly unique backdrop solution for all your stage production, A/V surrounds, room decor or special event needs. The recyclable panels, made from sugar cane, feature four bold patterns and the 18” matte finish square tiles create a stunning design on their own, with extraordinary effects produced with a wash of theatrical lighting or video projection.

How is it installed as a backdrop?

Installing Moddim is super easy! Each tile is connected together by corner grommets and silver rings, which are then hung from either a drape line or truss with an “S” hook.

Do you have a team who installs this product or is this something my team will do?

The answer to both is yes! It’s your choice. Our teams across the nation and in Toronto are trained to install all of our scenic product in the most efficient, effective and safe manner to create the backdrop as designed and approved by your team and ours. Because the product is so easy to install, we also provide the product, hardware and instructions for your team to manage as well.