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SFX Drape & Fabric Rentals

Add drama an atmosphere to any event with SFX drape and stretch fabrics! At Quest Events, we offer a line of innovative specialty drapery rentals and fabric treatments designed to bring your customers’ event experience to a whole new level. Our specialty line of rental products includes: Austrian Drape, Cycloramas, Kabuki Drop, LED Star Drop Drape, Stretch Shapes and Traveler Tracks.

Curious about how specialty drapery rentals can transform your event space? Take a look at our gallery to see how our clients have used specialty drapes in unique ways.

Quest Events designs, manufactures and rents Kabuki Drops – providing a dramatic special effect for corporate and private events. The Kabuki Drop is a technique typically used in theatre or special events, where drape is quickly released from the top of a truss or pipe structure, to reveal the stage, new product, works of art or performers. The reveal is ideal for for sporting events, auto shows, concerts and corporate events.

  • Power: Standard 120V 60Hz – 1.1 AMP Per Unit
  • Dimensions: 4″ x 4″ x 8″ (not including clamp)
  • Each solenoid holds over 200 lbs
  • Weight: 7 lbs – including clamp and safety cable
  • Ability to be attached truss or any pipe structure.
  • Attachment Clamp: 2′ Mega-Coupler
  • Available for pick-up or installation
  • Drop drape is also available

Quest Events’ LED Star Drops provide a gorgeous, dynamic constellation and star field backdrop for your event – twinkling in white to bring your creative vision to life.

Our LED Star Drops create the perfect starry night or animated backdrop for live entertainment on a stage, corporate meetings, VIP dinners, social gatherings, educational facilities, and private parties. These LEDs show well, even in high ambient light conditions.

    • 13′ x 30′ panels with tie-on on a 15′ side and 30′ side each
    • Full spectrum of colors and effects to choose from, allowing you to produce a single or multicolor backdrop or event space.
    • With DMX and Stand Alone control capabilities, this system is perfect for all technical skill levels
    • DMX Compatible
      • The DMX signal is cleaned up and amplified every time it passes through a controller
      • Two separate DMX modes
    • Two or more controllers can be synchronized
    • The LED outputs are protected against short circuit
    • Uses standard cables (4 or 5 pin XLR cables, IEC power cord)
    • Master-slave configuration
Quest Events Pipe Drape Formset Rental Podium Corporate Event 1
Quest Events Pipe Drape Formset Rental Podium Corporate Event 2
Quest Events Pipe Drape Formset Rental Podium Corporate Event 3

Quest Events’ specialty brand, A&D Scenery, builds custom cycloramas (cycs) to any show specification. Originally used as a theatrical backdrop, cycs also provide a large projection surface that creates a “WOW” factor at live events.

Our cycs are bleached white, creating a seamless projection surface that can also be backlit for setting a scene, showcasing a video or give the illusion of unlimited possibilities when recording a film or television bit. The creative solutions are endless.

  • Non-transparent surface
  • .8 gain formula for minimal loss of light
  • More cost-effective than large video screen
  • For sale as custom item or as rental (limited sizing available)
    • Custom sizes vary
    • Largest seamless size: 40′ x 135′ 
  • Large cycs tie on to truss, small cyc can be ground supported
  • Weighed down with pipe at the bottom
  • Bends to desired shape
cycloramas 3
cycloramas 1
cycloramas 2

Traveler tracks are great for creating a reveal, adding drama to a stage or giving your event a theatrical feel. A traveler curtain, also known as draw curtain, bi-parting curtain, or just traveler, is the most common type of front curtain used in theaters that can be used for your events. Our unique drapery rental solution allows quick easy set-up, from door openings to product reveals in a cost-effective manner.

Quest Events Rentals Speciality Traveler Track
  • Our two-way travelers are installed at a fixed height off of truss and open and close horizontally.
  • The traveler opens from the center or side to side with a manual pulley system.
  • Comes in varying lengths: 4’w, 5’w, 8’w, 10’w, 15’w, 18’w, and 20’w.
  • Any of Quest Events’ tie-on drape can be used, with the option of black velour up to 40’ high.

Whether you’re looking for function or décor, we offer specialty swagging to dress up any event (lead times apply). Choose from two different, transformational Austrian Swags for a showstopping addition to your event design.

  • Tie-on panels compatible with truss or freestanding hardware
  • Gold panels release for a reveal or dramatic effect (motorized rigging required, not provided)
  • Ivory panels transform to any desired color with uplighting

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The images featured are a reflection of our work on behalf of our clients across the US and are meant to be used as an inspiration for your next event. The majority of the rental solutions pictured are available at all 27 of our locations across North America–with some of the décor or specialty rentals available within regional markets only. Please check with the location nearest you for a complete rental solutions inventory listing.