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Ceiling drape are increasingly becoming popular in most events as they make the venue look more elegant and warmer. Such a beautiful venue leaves your guests in awe, and it’s a better way to hide imperfections on the ceiling like exposed ducts. So, decorating the ceiling with suitable drape is better if you are having an upcoming event.

However, not all ceiling drape suit any venue, so you must choose the fabric well. Remember, some event venues, like public places, must undergo fire marshal inspection, meaning the material you use here must comply with the NFPA 701 certifications.

Additionally, different drape fabrics bring varying effects to the venue, so you must be careful with your choice. But which are the ceiling drape fabric to use in various events?

This guide explains the various ceiling drape’ fabric characteristics, uses, and benefits.

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Purpose and Benefits of Ceiling Drape

Ceiling drape are a valuable part of any event. Here are some benefits of using them:

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the benefits of using ceiling drape is their aesthetic appeal which sets the event in the right mood. You can set the mood and make the space beautiful using colors that should create the intended effect. For example, lighter colors bring a refreshing and airy mood, while darker colors make the place more cozy and intimate.

Transforms the Space

Ceiling drape can capture and play with light, adding depth to the space. The lighting effect will transform the space and make it look beautiful. For example, the light-colored ceiling drape can capture the bright light creating a unique calming effect.

You can also use ceiling drape to create a focal point. The drape in this context will act as a distraction, making the visitors not concentrate on other chaotic points in the venue. Guests will keep admiring the setting while others take pictures for memories, which is a win for the event planner. But the location of the ceiling drape matters.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Ceiling Drape Fabric

Before choosing the ceiling drape fabric, you must consider the following factors:

Venue Type and Ceiling Height

The venue where you’re going to install the ceiling drape matters. Some venues have set condition requirements for the type of ceiling fabric you can use. For example, if you’re installing ceiling drape in a public access venue, you must meet the draping fabric standards. In this case, the fire marshal must inspect the fabric and flame retardant certification.

The ceiling height also affects the type of fabric you can settle for. Using the right ceiling drape fabric, you can create the illusion of a higher ceiling despite having a low-lying ceiling. You can heighten the ceiling using the correct pattern.

For example, ceiling drape made of fabric that can mold vertical stripes create the illusion of a high-lying ceiling. Fabrics that can make long patterns and cover the whole ceiling can also help bring the very high ceiling down to a height that guests will be comfortable with.

However, your drape’s fabric must be different to create the illusion of a low-lying ceiling. Choose ceiling drape fabrics that widen the space, making the ceiling low-lying. Ceiling drape that can produce large horizontal patterns will help you achieve this.

Function and Purpose of the Event

The function and purpose of the event can also dictate the ceiling drape fabric you choose. Remember, each function requires a unique draping effect that sets the event’s mood.

For example, use opaque fabrics that allow very little light if you want a romantic and intimate event. An opaque fabric gives the venue a fun “nighttime feeling.” Simple but classic functions that look natural require lighter ceiling drape that create a warmer feeling.

Budget and Maintenance Requirements

Each type of ceiling drape attracts a certain amount of money, which depends on its qualities. So it means you will pay a different amount for every fabric you opt for. Buy the ceiling drapery fabrics according to your budget to avoid affecting your finances.

But remember to check on their maintenance requirements, as this gives you value for your money. A fabric with high maintenance requirements is demanding and can make you spend a lot of money keeping it in shape. So go for a high-quality ceiling drape fabric with low maintenance requirements.

Ceiling drape are available in different fabrics with unique qualities and uses. Each ceiling drape has its benefits, which you should consider before settling on any.

Some of the popular ceiling drapery fabrics you can opt for include:


Voile ceiling drape are lightweight and transparent, with a matte appearance. They also have a unique texture that makes them different from the rest. Voile is also soft and airy, giving it an elegant look. Furthermore, it’s one of the wide draping materials that measures 118 inches long.

Benefits and Uses

Voile is a good ceiling fabric that allows natural light, making the space look elegant and warmer. It’s easy to pattern and layer, enabling you to create the desired look. You can use it for various functions that need natural lighting effects, like weddings.

Sheer Chiffon

Another great fabric you can use to beautify the ceiling space at an event is sheer chiffon. It’s also lightweight with iridescent properties, making the area unique and colorful depending on a guest’s viewing angle.

Benefits and Uses

The main benefit of sheer chiffon ceiling drape fabric is that it changes the surface color, which makes the setting unique. But you must position it well with enough lighting to bring out the distinctive appearance that leaves guests in awe. It also holds its structure well, but you can modify the design to suit the theme. Use sheer chiffon for baby showers, birthdays, weddings, or candy buffet events.


Organza fabric consists of synthetic fibers like nylon or polymer, which are durable. It’s lightweight, which makes it an ideal choice for ceiling drape. It’s also transparent, robust, and reflects light.

Benefits and Uses

Since it’s a lightweight and transparent material, it will allow you to design it quickly and without challenges. Organza can also reflect light, making it a good choice for a venue with a lot of light through the ceiling. It’s also available in different types with varying patterns and unique colors that can help set the mood and theme of the event.

You can use it for weddings, evening parties, or bridal showers.


Silk ceiling drape can also give the ceiling a great look. They look good on surfaces but require high maintenance. Since there are different types of silk for ceiling drape, you must choose the right one that meets your needs. For lightweight ceiling drape, go for silk chiffon.

Silk is shinier and doesn’t form wrinkles quickly.

Benefits and Uses

Silk is lightweight and has suitable thermal regulators, making it an ideal choice for a space with poor ceiling ventilation. Its shiny and smooth appearance creates a luxurious feel-good for any event.

Silk ceiling drape are ideal for corporate meetings, gala dinners, cocktail parties, or outdoor parties.

Specialty and Unique Ceiling Drape Fabrics

Apart from the above ceiling fabric drape, some are special and best suit specific venues. Such special and unique ceiling drape fabrics include:


Tulle is a thin, net-like lightweight ceiling drape fabric made from silk, polyester, or nylon. The popular fabric is soft, transparent, and easy to shape. It’s very delicate but durable.

Benefits and Uses

Tulle grabs guests’ attention more when hung with lights, creating a sophisticated, elegant look. It can also help you create the stars in the night effect for a private function like a wedding reception, birthday party, or baby shower.

Starry Night Drape

You can also decorate the ceiling with starry night drape. The drape are unique and help regulate lighting and temperature. Starry night drape have dim lights, which sets the mood for the function.

Benefits and Uses

The starry night drape help create a lighting effect that goes hand in hand with the event’s theme. They make the ceiling the focus point, and guests get more relaxed and the environment quieter. It can also affect emotions like a romantic feel, ideal for dinner dates, proposals, weddings, or birthdays.

LED Lighted drape

You can also go a notch higher using LED lighted drape on the ceiling to create a luxurious look. The drape are readily available in different sizes and are made of delicate materials like glass or acrylic beads with LED lights.

Benefits and Uses

It’s easy to install and use, as you can hang it easily. LED light drape are also time savers since you don’t have to create patterns or styles for them to look elegant. It comes in ready-to-use form for weddings, Christmas, birthday parties, or dates.

Tips for Installing and Maintaining Ceiling drape

For your ceiling drape to look good and be in perfect shape, you must know how to install them well. Also, understand how to maintain them to get your investment money back and have them serve you longer.

You can achieve this by:

Professional Installation vs. DIY

Professional installation can keep your ceiling drape in good shape for years. Professional installers understand their work and can craft styles and patterns suitable for various events, increasing your market reach. However, be ready to pay, as professional drape installers come at a cost.

If you’re new to ceiling drape and don’t know what to do, you can start with professionals and then be keen on what they’re doing to learn some tricks. After that, you can do a cost-effective and convenient DIY installation. It’s best to work as a team to decorate the ceiling, as it can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Also, be good at different ceiling drapery styles and know the type of ceiling you will work on and the requirements. But don’t forget to ask about the event’s function and purpose to create the desired effect and outlook using the suitable fabric.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Hanging ceiling drape requires unique frames and mountings you hang using a ladder. If not careful when installing the ceiling drape, the mountings or frames can fall and injure people. During installation, you can also slip and fall from the ceiling or get hurt by the tools.

The dangers of installing ceiling drape require you to put safety measures in place and comply with set standards. Ensure the ceiling drape materials are flame retardant. Also, have a flame retardant certificate where necessary.

You should also use lightweight ceiling drape that cannot pull on the tiles. Have an installation plan and be careful with HVAC ducts and pipes, as this can be dangerous. Lastly, watch your steps to avoid accidents.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Clean your ceiling drape to have them in a good working position. Your cleaning method will depend on your fabric type and whether it’s flame retardant. If it’s flame-retardant drape, you can work with professionals to help clean them. But you can also clean by yourself using the right product to remove dust, dirt, and moisture, which affects their flame retardant properties.

Remove hooks from the drape before you keep them to avoid spoiling the fabric. Also, keep the materials in a clean, dry area to prevent them from turning color or getting a foul odor before the next event.

Choosing the Ideal Fabric Option

Design and create memorable event venues using ceiling drape. The ceiling drape can be a focal point of the venue, leaving guests admiring every bit of the decor. It can also help you hide imperfect spots on the ceiling and create the event’s mood.

However, all these are possible with the right choice of ceiling drape fabric which helps you create the desired effect on the scene. Choose voile, silk, tulle, organza, starry night drape, or LED-lighted drape, depending on their function and purpose.

Ceiling Drape FAQS

What fabric to use for ceiling drape?

The best ceiling fabric depends on the event and the effect you want to create. Use silk, sheer, chiffon, or voile for a DIY ceiling draping. Choose either white, ivory, or neutral colors for various events.

What fabric is used for ceiling decorations?

Most people use sheer fabric that diffuses light, creating a soothing, relaxing/romantic atmosphere. The lightweight sheer fabrics are satin, gossamer, tulle, chiffon, taffeta, and organza.

What is a fabric mounted on the ceiling called?

The fabric is called ceiling fabric draping, which decorates a room’s ceiling giving it the right design, mood, ambiance, or feel.

What fabric has the best drape?

The best drape are made of high-quality fabric like satin, chiffon, and crepe de chine. A low-quality drape fabric can hang wider and maintain its shape better. However, the structure and quality of the fabric, like cotton and linen, matter most as they create expansive, dramatic looks.